This is the snail that I saw in my hometown in Nantou before
Found when weeding
Also knocked into its shell
I am sorry
Sometimes I think
What is life in the end?
Is life meaningful?


But I found that the Buddhists put it well
[Everything from the heart into thinking]
Because we want life
So life appears
Of course, that [I] does not mean the flesh of us
But our [nature]


But life also represents one thing
There are life and death
As long as we think we are [students] heavier thoughts
[Death] will be more obvious
So almost nothing thought mineral
So for minerals
No death
Only [different status]


Think carefully
The composition of our body
Is composed of a variety of elements
And these elements are not strongly thought
Why then as a human thought will be so strong?


I think it is due to different careers
Like sand sculpture
Some sand is used to make people
Some are made of the castle
But the essence is sand
However, because of many reasons, the sand of man is just taken as an adult
This is causal
It is a bit hard to explain

at all
we should love small animals
Do not hurt them is will