Hello everyone

I have a habit of trimming my nose hair
Because its really hard to bear the nose hairs coming out
Then I also tried many ways to trim nose hair.

1. Round nose hair scissors

Personally, I have used the round nose hair scissors for the longest time. Maybe I will resist at first. After all, I put the scissors in my nose.
But you will find that the security is still quite high.
Because of the round head design
Basically does not poke the inside of the nasal cavity
And easy to clean

(Figure: You don't need to buy all stainless steel, it's generally easy to use)

However, when trimming, the angle of the hand must be changed frequently to cut the nose hair near the nostrils cleanly, but as long as you cut in front of the mirror, you can cut the nose hair near the nostrils with a little time.

2. Stainless Steel Rotary Nose Hair Trimmer

This is often used for a long time, and it is quite convenient to use, just put it in the nostrils and press the clip all the time, but it seems that the nose hairs at some angles are difficult to cut, that is, it does not feel very clean.

And there is a huge disadvantage

It wll pinch my nose...
it really hurts

Although according to the design of this nose hair clipper, the nose hair should not be pinched, but I always get the nose hair when I operate it, so it is not recommended.

3. Nose hair plucking with stainless steel clip

I also bought this one. I thought he would cut off the nose hair directly, but I didn't expect it to be plucked.


It is recommended to trim nose hair directly with small round nose scissors and trim it in front of the mirror.

Don't think about too complicated tools to pull ~ for your reference, thank you