Hello everyone

Recently, I saw the news of the closure of Asia Hotel

Feels special

Because I visited this place once a long time ago

But at that time, he was not called Yazhi Hotel

It ’s called Hotel One (in fact, it ’s the same, but the signboard is different)

The reason I went there was to go to the blind date bank

Thinking about it is really a very special experience


When I was here
I'm actually hesitating whether to go in or not
Because I'm afraid I can't afford this fee
The service in such a high-end building must be very expensive, right?

Of course, I still went up
Always need to accept some challenges


Actually, I have n’t had a good impression of blind date banks or marriage clubs
But why go anyway?
Just because there is no other way ...
Sometimes, because there is no better way, you have to try it out to see if there will be some special experience. Maybe you can find a best way to solve the problem.

Of course, after understanding his project, I found that it was actually not suitable for me.
Because I always think in my heart, "How could a girl need a blind date bank?"
Of course he has a lot to say, but I did n’t believe this at the time

I always think it is a very strange thing to set up the office in this building, because the rent here must be very high!
If a company rents such a very expensive building decently, unless the company's revenue is really high, sometimes it seems to become a burden.

Seriously, without this A4 paper, I really can't find where his company is.
The housing rate is 70%, even losing 12 years in a row! Taichung Asia caused the lights to turn off. Why can the epidemic be regarded as the "last resort"?

"In the 13 years since its opening, Taichung Asia has only made profits in 2015, which is equivalent to a loss of 12 years. The heavy rent pressure is one of the reasons why it is breathless
Think about it, sometimes life is so interesting.
What we take for granted, the result will still change, so people should be kind and at least worthy of themselves
Facing difficulties, we can only accept the courage to challenge
Because people in the past do the same, we modern people can only do this
Of course, what are your goals in life?
Sometimes it's just dealing with the things in front of you, it's hard to think of such complicated things.