Hello everyone

In fact, I still do n’t have a clear idea that magnetic force can help relieve soreness

But indeed, there are many articles on the Internet that magnetic force can repair the human body

Then let me talk about my personal experience

I saw this video

Healing Magnet Therapy (2012)

Mentioned in the video:

1. Doctors will use magnets to assist treatment

2. Magnet: the negative electrode is used for tissue healing, the positive electrode is used to accelerate growth (so the general repair of soreness should use the negative electrode)

3. Dr. Stephen Stokes This doctor is really personal, I also found his website


But I did n’t see an article about magnetism on his website ... Of course, it might be that my English is too bad (the probability is higher)

Then we can often see the advertisement of Yili magnetic stickers. It also uses magnetic force to help the human body, so we will also be curious whether it has any effect? It is impossible for such a rigorous Japanese to deliberately create something that claims to be effective but useless?

Yiliqi-Magnetic Sticker, Yiliqi-Magnetic Collar


So is there any effect of magnetic force?

According to my personal experience, I think it should be effective (but slowly, slightly)

Because I am a programmer myself, sometimes my elbows are particularly sore. At this time, I will stick the magnet to my sore place.

As for the difference between not posting and not posting, have I tried it seriously

But as far as my impression is concerned, if this pain is not dealt with, this pain may be painful for a long time, maybe several days, but if there is a magnet attached, the pain may last until night, even if it is sore in the morning It will be lifted in the afternoon, so if the magnet is effective, it will not be effective immediately.

Is there a difference between positive and negative?

The Yili magnetic magnetic sticker uses a negative electrode itself, that is, the negative pole of the magnetic field faces the skin. Since the Yili magnetic magnetic sticker has been used for so long, it is a negative electrode. Should the negative electrode be correct?

As for whether there is a difference between the positive and negative poles, I haven't experimented yet ...

Is there a magnet for the positive electrode? Yes ~ I have got the sedative magnet of Taihe Workshop before, he is facing the skin of the positive electrode ... so ... I am not sure.




The Yili magnetic magnetic stickers say that they cannot be reused. I personally think it is okay ... just stick them with breathable adhesive tape.

In addition, the place I posted is not only a sore place, but also acupuncture points, such as the most commonly posted Hegu point, although it looks ugly, but I think it ’s not bad

In short, give everyone a reference, thank you.