Hello, everyone.

I loved listening to music at first.
I love everything from Andy Lau's Loveless Water tapes to Hamasaki's CDs.

I remember listening to this radio show, "Eastern Starry Night."
The host seems to be called "Pei Pei, the Witch of the East."

I listened to this show in the first place.
It's also because I had a crush on a girl in junior high.
Think about it.
Life is amazing.

If I had seen what I am now.
I don't know if I think I'm an obnoxious adult.

But people have to grow up and become more rational.
Because only reason can solve a problem.

I used to love buying CDs, but I didn't know whether they were genuine or pirated...
I also collected a lot of music CD companies'... I think it's a collector's card.
So I'm posting it for your reference.

Previous Music

There will be a survey... Letter writing was a popular sport!


The Dance Family. Roca.

P.M. Ballot Menu...

Evergreen International Records...
This is the most bought. Because he's got some game music. It's pretty good.


Silent Sky Cultural Business Co.

Rose Records Gold Card Points Redemption Roll
Rose Records was one of the most popular records in Taiwan... Tears of the Times



Hobson CD Exchange Roll


Erskine Film & Culture Co.


Kam Tin Audio-Visual Disc Company Limited

The overhead ballot box...
I don't know why some of them are ballots. Some of them are redemption rolls?


It cost a lot of money to buy these music CDs in the first place.
I'm also grateful to my parents for giving me money to spend like this...
I didn't do well enough.
Always remember your parents' hard work.

You have to remember it.
If you have a grievance, ask for it.

For everyone's reference.