I saw this movie by chance recently
Originally, I was not interested in movies tagged with China and Love
Especially under the wave of so many bad movies in China
It's hard to expect anything from Chinese movies
The movie I watched by accident actually made me feel a little moved ...


The story describes a complex relationship between the three wealthy second generation Zheng Duoduo, Sun Tong and Mo Mo
Finally Sun Tong retrieved his story ...
In simple terms
But the process is very worrying

The movie story is very close to life, it illustrates the sorrow of the city's small people, and it also shows the problem of being a man to be stupid. At first, Sun Tong's actions will make the audience confused, and when the reason is found, people will be silent.

The rich second lie ...
The movie also embodies the ideas of a group of people. At the beginning of life, it is to keep your moral bottom line, but when you need to stifle, when you meet someone with power, you still have to protect him and make good friends with him, because You have to live in a big city and you have to rely on connections. This is the same even in Taiwan.

the supervisor ...
What does it take to be an individual?
Although in reality, this kind of scumbag like Zheng Duoduo is not so easy to meet, but will there actually be such a person? Maybe there is. The rich second generation in China may be so miserable. After all, moral education is inadequate ... But we in Taiwan have nothing to say about others. Look at our rich second generation is actually not much different from the rich second generation in China ... .

The second generation of Liu Xun Yanfu is really fascinating ...
The sorrow of the small characters in the movie is well reflected, it does not make people feel very embarrassed to play, and the music inside is also very good.

It also mentioned the pain of choosing to break up because of the opposition of the parents. When you have to decide, you have to obey your parents. This dilemma is also very well described. This is indeed very rare in Taiwan. Taiwan ’s parents basically do not control who their children will marry or who they marry, but Chinese parents ’ideas are indeed still in the feudal period, saying that they are thinking for their children, but communication is indeed insufficient, and children Difficult to agree, the emphasis should be on each other's morals and concepts, not on money and wealth.

Parents want their children to be successful ... or happy?
Here, I have to say that the acting of the actors inside is also quite good.
The actor's emotional expression is quite deep, and does not make people feel that kind of contrived. In many cases, they only use eyes and expressions to express his emotions, rather than using exaggerated body language.

In the end, the choice of the actor is even more empathetic. Sometimes people just make choices in reality. This is also a painful learning process for the Chinese generation, that is to say, the learning process must be painful. To understand the value of people, not to suppress others with money and power.

Although the fate of this transition at the end is a bit old-fashioned, the character emotions and actors he planned have performed very well.


any way
If you want to watch Chinese young love, good music, good plot movies
You can refer to this movie to see
Really recommend, thanks!