cause of fate, the company's tail teeth held here, the tail of this thing, that is true is very special.
The tail teeth represents the company's gratitude for the old year, the new year's expectations, and then everyone wants to take the red envelope, but all with the lottery, meaning ... or depends on luck?
Tide City International Gourmet Museum location in 408 Taiwan Nancheng District Central Road, No. 4, No. 2, said it is a bit next to the location. But still easy to transport.
I think the focus should be on international .
big sign! Come here to be clear ... smell the taste of [ fish ].
There is a lot of people to do with the tail, which is one of Taiwan's features one of it.
coincides with Christmas, decor is quite good, very style.
gold is subject, the whole magnificent!
There is also a restaurant,
the menu came, and quickly opened to see.
looks pretty good, though i'm afraid of seafood XD
sashimi came! But today I am a vegetarian table XD
table is a copy of their own, not bad!
eat almost.
wow ... a lot of dessert fruit in the end are easy to be left, because many people will go first, or simply can not eat, it is a bit waste.
Do not drink wine should be reclaimed
dessert is also quite nice to eat.
In short, for everyone to refer to Hello. Vegetarian table is also a very good choice!