Very common to go out to play their own Union
Every time when the night after the highway...
i will feel a sense of fear inexplicable...
In fact, after careful analysis
In fact, this fear is very associated with the night
Because in the dark
Unknown sense will always improve... in my mind
Contains the next scene ...
For example next to the building
Let me think of a strange place
Unknown place associated with unknown fear
Fear of losing family, friends, or even their own lives
In particular, just play back
Turn from a bustling place to a quiet and dark highway
People feel the fear of inexplicable
Then I think ... people have to face fear
In fact, the main fear is built on impermanence
But sometimes they often ignore the impermanence
They often see the impermanence of others
But not necessarily empathy
When you face impermanence
really feel fear.......
Maybe it's a
Although many people are in the car
Bbut do not know each other
Some people are talking loud phone calls!
Everyone is listening to what she says
Said to be depressed!
Listened to
Also feeling his depressions!
In this dark highway!
I can not say anything
Can only be quiet
Listen to him
Talking about your depressions.........