[PHP] substr cutting Chinese characters problem

substr cutting Chinese characters problemCutting is one of the characters using substr very common PHP syntaxBut itBecause in the next UTF-8 encoding,Text in a word for three yuan group, so cut the first four yuan Group will print error code characters So now tell youmb_substrThis functionThis func......


Setting MYSQL link coding

Setting MYSQL link codingYou can use the following ways mysql_query("SET character_set_client='big5'"); Setting client code mysql_query("SET character_set_connection='utf8'"); Set the encoding when writing mysql_query("SET character_set_results='big5'"); Setting the output encoding Can be used in a......


PHP MYSQL Tutorial - Link Database

MYSQL Tutorial Link Database $db=mysql_connect('exp.com.tw:3306','mysql_account','mysql_password'); "exp.com.tw:3306"To link location and PORT number is usually PORT number can not be set MYSQL preset listening PORT No. 3306 'mysql_account'The user account for MYSQL 'mysql_password'User password for......


PHP's object-oriented paradigm

Ann Hello everyone I was either Taichung A Since many people do not understand object-oriented I'll give an example of good #New items class hello { #New items in the variable var $word; #New items in the function function say() { #Call this object in the word echo "HELLO...".$this->word; } } #N......


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