[PHP teaching] buffer output

In PHP There is a buffered output function ob_start (); / / Open buffer echo " Hello "; / / output (this time not output characters) $ temp = ob_get_contents () ;/ / get the current output (currently Hello) echo 'ob buffer contents:'. $ temp ; / / output the contents just made ob_end_clean () ;/ / e......


[Teaching] PHP's header function

php's header function This file type is declared functions such as header ("content-type: text / html; charset=UTF-8"); is a declared file type is text / html format and UTF8 encoded as a declaration With this declaration can tell the browser what should be made here actions such as output picture y......


[PHP teaching] decimal rounding up ceil

Sometimes encounter requires rounding up decimal rounded case Programs such as the page jump 2.2 is the need to show three This time it can use ceil function to help make this a thing echo ceil (3.3) / / 4 echo ceil (0.2) / / 1 echo ceil (-5.2) / / 5 So...


[PHP teaching] displays an error

Sometimes the PHP in PHP ini configuration file is not open display error But sometimes will still need to check the status of the error message You can use ini_set ("display_errors", "On"); / / display error if open (On = On, Off = Off) error_reporting (E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE)......


Blogs opened Hello!!

Blogs opened Hello !! This is my joomla3 website I am also engaged in the development joomla3 element There joomla3 can discuss questions about Oh Thank you!...


PHP function -ceil

Told you about a nice php function Called ceil In fact, his function is very simple int ceil(float number); float number=Floating-point functions Example 1 echo ceil(3.5); Displays4 Example 2 echo ceil(3.0); Displays3 Is the value if there is a decimal Then +1 This function is used in very good wit......


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