[blender 3D]Skeleton and physics problems

Do not know whether there are people like meEncounter this problem Preview obviously have to apply to the physical effectsHowever, when computing is no physical effects This is similar to the following Hair is not moving!A closer look will findEffects on the effects of the fabric Subsurf (subdivisi......


PHP get subdomain URL

Hello! Recently I encountered a problem Is the need to do some switching operation in accordance with the subdomain URL I have seen articles in This There So I put it sort out For your reference //Added a function to obtain a subdomain function extract_subdomains($domain) { $subdomains = $domain; /......


[joomla3] JS loaded cancel some way

Hello everyone!In some casesWe must cancel some JSFor example: chosen.jquery.min.js This often affects some templates JSShow cause abnormal or incorrectSo today I am particularly modifying the way I used to share //The following code is usually written in the template index.php inside $document = J......


[JOOMLA3] PHP 5.3.3 or earlier error

Hello everyoneWhen you use joomla3 believeEncounter PHP version is too old problemsBut most of our casesIs unable to upgrade their PHP version This time we should thank GitHub joomla version 3.2.7 can be found in the TAGThis version can be used more than PHP 5.3.1 https://github.com/joomla/joomla-c......


[joomla3] 4 points to note! in Set up access.xml !

Hello everyoneSetting permissions for files access.xmlI found that there are some rules need to be able to comply with the normal useProvided here for your reference 1.The permissions set in config.xml component need to be properly For example, I called com_zoearth componentsSet in the component to......


[PHP] easy to use picture watermark function of teaching

Hello everyone! I'm here to introduce simple PHP picture watermark application methodsNotes should make clearThanksgiving <?php $org_img_path = 'test007.jpg';//Originally Picture path $png_img_path = 'test007.png';// Watermark Picture path $org_img_size = getImageSize($org_img_path);//load Origi......


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