[Joomla3]Editor Emoticons Plugin

Hello! Because I cant find useful Joomla3 editor emoticons plugin. So I make this I hope this will helpful for everyone Download!: https://github.com/zoearthmoon/plg_zoearth_insert_emoticons_btn Only in joomla3 After install ,Please goto turn on plugin and set it up it will look like this... I use......


PHP get execution time - microtime()

Hello ! Sometimes we need to obtain the PHP execution time I make an example <?php //Get microtime function //TRUE meaning refers to the return [floating-point numbers microtime] //If the default display [decimal microtime] + [sec] $startTime = microtime(TRUE); //sleep 2 second sleep(2); //end t......


Javascript time how to compare?

Hello everyone!Recently I met a demand of the time required to verify inputI will write this //Here is the time to check var goTime = '2016-01-20 12:00'; //Verify time format, here I would like to use 2016-01-21 14:04 if (goTime.match(/^[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2} [0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}$/) == null )//Tim......


Run python with apache + mod_wsgi in Windows 10

Hello everyoneRecently I wanted to install web python in windows 10 with mod_wsgi The idea is to follow the same way like apache + PHPLoading mod to enable Then I google it...Found that the main problem is need to find out the current version of apache is the most importantStart here to download th......


[PHP]how to Call plugin in joomla 3 ?

Hello everyone In joomla 3, the developer is a very important element inflection pluginThere are many types of plugin in joomla3 and even can also add their ownlike the system plugi will explains how to call plugin //captcha plugin JPluginHelper::importPlugin('captcha');//load plugin $dispatcher =......


[PHP] plus a temporary password

Hello! I want to add temporary password in framework then i found a solution <?php //open session session_start(); if (isset($_SESSION['newlogin'])) { unset($_SESSION['newlogin']); } //set account and password $valid_apasswords = array("test" => "123456"); //get keys $valid_admin = array_keys......


[joomla 3] how to modify the POST values

Hello everyoneWhen writing code beforeValue; you want to modify JRequest::getVar()DiscoveryUnder some situationsDirectly modify $_POST parameter is invalidThen I tried so many waysFor example: JRequest::setVar('jform','1'); JRequest::setVar('jform',array(),'POST',TRUE); no use(but no error)(。A。)......


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