[joomla] Wrong URL for menu

Hello everyone! I'm a pretty familiar developer with joomla But sometimes the problems of joomla that I encountered also make me quite confused. The menu refers to this. E.g: Sometimes the menu settings are clear But the URL is wrong For example, the URL generated when the URL is generated in the f......


[PHP][Joomla]How to 301 or 302 Redirect?

Hello! sometime we need to 301 Redirect First we have to know what is [301 Redirect] 301 Redirect is permanent 302 Redirect is temporary so here is the point if you use 301 Redirect your boswer will cache the Redirect event you edit code to not Redirect you will found browser still Redirect so need......


[Joomla3]Editor Emoticons Plugin

Hello! Because I cant find useful Joomla3 editor emoticons plugin. So I make this I hope this will helpful for everyone Download!: https://github.com/zoearthmoon/plg_zoearth_insert_emoticons_btn Only in joomla3 After install ,Please goto turn on plugin and set it up it will look like this... I use......


[PHP]how to Call plugin in joomla 3 ?

Hello everyone In joomla 3, the developer is a very important element inflection pluginThere are many types of plugin in joomla3 and even can also add their ownlike the system plugi will explains how to call plugin //captcha plugin JPluginHelper::importPlugin('captcha');//load plugin $dispatcher =......


[joomla 3] how to modify the POST values

Hello everyoneWhen writing code beforeValue; you want to modify JRequest::getVar()DiscoveryUnder some situationsDirectly modify $_POST parameter is invalidThen I tried so many waysFor example: JRequest::setVar('jform','1'); JRequest::setVar('jform',array(),'POST',TRUE); no use(but no error)(。A。)......


[joomla3] JS loaded cancel some way

Hello everyone!In some casesWe must cancel some JSFor example: chosen.jquery.min.js This often affects some templates JSShow cause abnormal or incorrectSo today I am particularly modifying the way I used to share //The following code is usually written in the template index.php inside $document = J......


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