[PHP] The maximum number of arrays is limited

Hello everyone! Occasionally encountered a problem, because in my program, the sent value is often used in the array, for example: <input name="jvalue[name][]" value=""> <input name="jvalue[addr][]" value=""> <input name="jvalue[tel][]" value=""> and then add jQuery to generate mu......


[Php] array and isset

Everyone before the occasional encounter an error Because I often use isset to determine whether there are set parameters, but previously found that in some cases, isset even if the KEY in the array there will be judged FALSE. Originally, I always thought isset can replace array_key_exists to make......


[PHP][Joomla]How to 301 or 302 Redirect?

Hello! sometime we need to 301 Redirect First we have to know what is [301 Redirect] 301 Redirect is permanent 302 Redirect is temporary so here is the point if you use 301 Redirect your boswer will cache the Redirect event you edit code to not Redirect you will found browser still Redirect so need......


PHP get execution time - microtime()

Hello ! Sometimes we need to obtain the PHP execution time I make an example <?php //Get microtime function //TRUE meaning refers to the return [floating-point numbers microtime] //If the default display [decimal microtime] + [sec] $startTime = microtime(TRUE); //sleep 2 second sleep(2); //end t......


[PHP]how to Call plugin in joomla 3 ?

Hello everyone In joomla 3, the developer is a very important element inflection pluginThere are many types of plugin in joomla3 and even can also add their ownlike the system plugi will explains how to call plugin //captcha plugin JPluginHelper::importPlugin('captcha');//load plugin $dispatcher =......


[PHP] plus a temporary password

Hello! I want to add temporary password in framework then i found a solution <?php //open session session_start(); if (isset($_SESSION['newlogin'])) { unset($_SESSION['newlogin']); } //set account and password $valid_apasswords = array("test" => "123456"); //get keys $valid_admin = array_keys......


PHP IIS6 experience in dealing with the Socket

before there is a need for customers to use soap interfaced The default soap is required to use the service to socket series sort out the problem I encountered here finishing the test in the beginning here windows 2003 host (IIS6 + PHP) and my own developed windows (apache + PHP) After the test beg......


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