before there is a need for customers to use soap interfaced
The default soap is required to use the service to socket series
sort out the problem I encountered here
finishing the test in the beginning here
windows 2003 host (IIS6 + PHP)   and my own developed windows (apache + PHP)
After the test began to test Host linux
that began to encounter: Unable to upload file (no error message)
so we adjust the error message is displayed
Error: [no file folder permissions]
is PHP does not have permission to write tmp_file folder
After you modify folders repair
The second problem: data can not be sent out (500 error)
The inspection found that because of the need to use PHP GD image extensions
needs to be in php.ini
Preferences amended PHP restart apache service to fix the problem
The third problem: the information could not be sent (connection can not be established scoket) (headers timed out)
after trying sent found it impossible to establish a connection scoket (soap function will need)
Check the php.ini settings, open the following extension (recommended to open)

but still found the problem can not be resolved
also try to modify IIS6 setting can not resolve
and finally found the main reason is because the problem of external firewall test environment
After adjusting correctly by sending a
So here need to open windows firewall allows scoket connection
The fourth question: attachment file upload function error
After verification found to php.ini staging folder issue has not been set
Make sure php.ini

Whether the

configuration data exists and can be written normally
If you have to modify php.ini settings restart the IIS service
Preferences amended PHP restart apache service to fix the problem
These are the problems I was experiencing
to reference