Hello everyone
recently in practice blender 3D
often use automatic weighting function
Click the model first and then click on the skeleton and press Ctrl + P
but often we encounter model can not use the automatic weighting of the case
as party display error
I have been looking online but did not find a clear reason
After finding
only know what to say
The model could not normally use automatic weight
mainly because the blender 3D can not be calculated correctly Weight
is usually the model itself in some places too thin or very asymmetry caused
prompt solutions based on the above Web site practice
1. to enter the edit mode
Choose the model at any point after the press P to temporarily cut model
The main goal is to cut the model
has reached the correct identification is part of the model that automatically cause weight fail
Choose according to material cut
After the cut you will find that your body may be cut into several objects of
as follows
I found fine hairline my Hatsune model is the cause of failure of the automatic weight
broken out on probably know
2 were cut just click Objects
one by one using Auto Weight
you can know which items blender not automatically count the weight of
If you do not count out
or else modify the model
or else to draw their own weight of
3 finishing Auto Weight
Although automatic weighting instruments
but often still need to adjust
In particular, the right to non-lineal heavy large area
can only be used to modify and adjust the artificial
But how one by one important than all of its own power comes a lot of bone Videos
Hope that helps to root this problem as I encountered people
Have questions at the bottom of the message board asking
I also beginners
but I'll try to answer