Hello everyone
Recently played blender 3D
Currently groped skeleton section
Body skeleton blender 3D plug built rigify

But presets
This is only the skeleton of the body skeleton
No facial expressions skeleton

But if to do a vivid 3D characters
Expression will be needed to assist

I went to the Internet

Found this article
He has a demonstration video
Basically usage
First download rigify-master
Then unzip
The blender 3D installation folder
Remove the original folder rigify
Rigify-master folder will throw into
Then rigify-master folder renamed rigify

Then restart the blender 3D
To confirm local set to open rigify plug

To the editing interface press shift + A

Body skeleton show out

There are no very convenient?

The remaining bound to produce the way


Will I still have questions

Although I am also a beginner blender 3D
I hope to learn and discuss