There should be a lot of people encountered

joomla search, it will limit your website requires a minimum input search characters
Default is 3 words
There have trouble ...
Because sometimes I want to search the characters are [旅遊(travel)]. When [電玩(video)] this word only two characters in UTF-8
Can not be searched

So I wrote a special plug-in to solve this problem today
But also the way to develop joomla3 plug with you explain the basic file


Basically only zoearth_search_word_limit.php and zoearth_search_word_limit.xml file is the key
in  have more info

In fact, not much use archives
Languages files can even do not need to
Emphasis is

Profile at the beginning of  type="plugin" group="search"
and in xml

Because these two setpoints will decide this plug-in start-up mode and location
It is not possible to set an error

I hope that plugin helpful
if have questions you can ask me!
Thanksgiving !!
Together use joomla3!

github link

(the plugin is only for joomla3...)

Download attachments: