Hello everyone!
Occasionally encountered a problem, because in my program, the sent value is often used in the array, for example:
<input name="jvalue[name][]" value="">
<input name="jvalue[addr][]" value="">
<input name="jvalue[tel][]" value="">
and then add jQuery to generate multiple fields, sometimes in response to customer needs, the array may be more than 100 fields.
this time I found a problem, actually sent out directly after the failure and then do not know why, that is not even the implementation of the function, with the browser debug mode carefully check only to find out the value sent only half of the back [/ Strong> max_input_vars This setting is

This setting

can refer to this side:
with PHP official description:
Basically, as long as the received value will be limited by this value, and not necessarily the array, too many variables will cause this error,
solution :
1. Increase the setting of   max_input_vars
2. Integrate the sent value as a value, such as json format
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