Engine shut down in the state of absconding can quickly fall hunt value
If you enter abscond state to quickly shut off the engine it

Hello everyone!

Before playing NFS17
Feel wanted by police mission is a very cumbersome task
Usually we need to get rid of the police hunt the gold medal in less than 2:30
But the police always been chasing
It is difficult to get rid of

so what

I will give you some tips

1.Shut down Engine
PS3 is press L3 to Shut down Engine(IN PC is  I )

2.this is by


This place should be a lot of players know
That can fly up after fly directly above the tracks
Typically police can not keep up

And then immediately turned around and to escape [hunt range]
When entering the fled state
Sometimes it has been unable to escape [hunt range]
You can only run to and fro [hunt range]
Just Remember into fled state  immediately Shut engine Down

Hope helping to everyone